ESPN Cover Story

Branding & Type Design

It was a great privilege to work with the team at ESPN again to help create the identity of ESPN Cover Story. The new venture to replace ESPN The Magazine. ESPN Cover Story features one story monthly the will be covered across all mediums including online, tv and social media. 

When I was asked to work on this there were already some ideas in-terms of the look they wanted from previous work I have done for the ESPN magazine. It needed to be a stand alone logotype that can work seamlessly across all platforms. Stylistic alternates were added to the display font to create a customized look to the font when in use. An extended C, D and O were created to incorporate the ESPN logo. An extend bar on the T combines with letters C, E and S. A cut S combines with the R.

It was a great project to play a role in the start of a new era moving on from the historic ESPN Magazine.

ESPN | August 2019 | Art Director: Rami Moghadam / Chin Wang


Coverstory Animation

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