Lost typography from the Bauhaus masters.

If you love typography and type design, As I do! You may have heard of, or seen Adobe Hidden Treasures. I have have been following this since the start and love seeing these typefaces being completed. 

After almost 100 years, original typography sketches and unpublished letter fragments from the legendary Bauhaus school of design were rediscovered and are now ready to inspire a new generation of designers. Five beautiful alphabets have been meticulously completed and digitized by an international team of students guided by renowned type designer Erik Spiekermann. 

I decided to put this together as a small tribute to these fonts. I chose to use the font Joschmi originally designed by Joost Schmidt which has now been Re-Created by Flavia Zimbardi. The font has great geometry and character to each of the letters which I thought to be perfect for posters. I have also used CarlMarx as the supporting font. I wanted to show off some of the letters in my own way, the idea is to bring the almost lost history from the Bauhaus Dessau into the modern day. I used a very minimal color palette which is unlike the traditional Bauhaus Dessau colors we are familiar with. I wanted to give this my own approach and veer slightly away from a Bauhaus approach.

Creator of the now-famous poster for the 1923 Bauhaus Exhibition in Weimar, Germany, Schmidt taught calligraphy and directed the advertising, typography, and printing workshop at the Bauhaus school of design in Dessau. More than any other master or student, he shaped the graphic design style we identify with the Bauhaus today.

Thanks for taking a look. 

Check out www.adobehiddentreasures.com for the fonts 
and all the details of their respective designers.


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